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Warm Welcome

We are pleased to have registered as a place offering a Warm Welcome, where anyone is invited to take comfort in a warm, friendly and caring environment. 


Further details of the Warm Welcome scheme, including other similar places in the area, can be found here.

Toddler Group

We have a thriving Toddler Group which meets in the Community each Wednesday 09:15 - 11:15 (termtime only)

There are a large variety of toys and each week we include a 15min singing time.

We welcome parents, grandparents and childminders at a cost of £2 per adult, which includes refreshments.  Come along, we'd love to see you.

For further information please call/WhatsApp Stephanie on 07870 114782.

Wesley Pop-In

This is a new venture where we hope to provide a warm welcome and friendship for all those that need it.  Please share with friends or neighbours you think might appreciate the company.

popin flyer_2024.png
Charity for the year

We will soon be deciding which charity will be our chosen charity for the year.

While we continue to support many charities we try to focus on a particular charity each year, providing services and support to a wide range of needs across the community.

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