We were delighted to welcome a group from Youth With a Mission to take part in our service recently.  YWAM is a group of local young missionaries who do more than just work 9-5. Instead, they choose rather to live and learn together. They believe that this will result in something stronger as God shows us how to become more like Jesus.

Two of the group produced beautiful artwork during the service, totally led by the Spirit, and which they have granted permission for us to share.

To find out more about the work and mission of YWAM please click here.

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Wesley Pop-In

This is a new venture where we hope to provide a warm welcome and friendship for all those that need it.  Please share with friends or neighbours you think might appreciate the company.

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Charity for the year

Our charity for this year is Rainbow of Hope.  Rainbow of Hope is a Cardiff based charity reaching out to the homeless and disadvantaged people including asylum seekers and refugees.  Their mission is to relieve people suffering from poverty and distress, in particular, but not exclusively, homeless people by providing or assisting in the provision of food, shelter, clothing and grants of money and also by offering support and advice to such persons.

More information can be found here or on their website, and an update on their Paradise Run here.  We hope you will join us in offering your support to this worthy cause in whatever ways you can.